About Our Company & Services

Rock Point has the experience and expertise for all types of oil, gas, steam or chemical pipeline installations, and are experts on a wide variety of pipeline materials ? including steel, fiberglass, flex-pipe, polyethylene and flex-steel. 



Rock Point provides dependable maintenance support to our customers? facilities, plants and pipelines. Whether it?s a facility modification or spool replacement, Rock Point is able to provide quick and effective solutions.


Rock Point is a client entered and results focused construction firm. With a solid a reputation for doing honest work, the firm places integrity and skill at the front of everything we do.

More often than not, clients come to us via referral or word of mouth. The construction industry may be big but it's still a pretty tight community. We know the better our services the more opportunities will come our way.

Every project receives our full and undivided attention. This allows us to guarantee the work and provides clients with assurance that they made the right choice.

As part of the services Rock Point can offer to our customers, we are able to fabricate structural components as well as pipe fabrication. With fexperienced pipefitters on the team, Rock Point can assure that we are able to deliver high quality products done safely and delivered on time.